Shaads™ covers now the latest in fashionable window decor, in an elegant and unique approach for covering your windows. A new stylish cover providing privacy and UV protection in covering your door, skylight and window glass. Shaads™ out with the old in with the new. Finally have it your way.


Door Covers

Designed with privacy in mind, full or partial, SHAADS™ covers for doors offers a multitude of options like simple installation – a factor that makes it so unique and yet so practical for the on-the-go homeowner and renter.

SHAADS™ for Doors

Skylight Covers

Blinding sunlight, an over-heated room just beg for a quick and easy solution to solving a problem. Just imagine how wonderful if there was a simple but elegant new product which installs in minutes, could make your room comfortable and block harmful sunlight with SHAADS™.

SHAADS™ for Skylights

Window Covers

No need to darken your room for privacy, enjoy the light and dress up your windows with elegant coverings, allowing you to still see out your window but giving you privacy as well. SHAADS™, from the bottom up.

SHAADS™ for Windows

Custom Covers

Tired of the same old covering look on your windows? Our innovative design gives the consumer flexibility to decorate their home and living areas in a wave of fashion and style not seen before. Quality fabrics; different colors and patterns; beautiful wood frames - SHAADS™.

Custom SHAADS™

SHAADS™ Covers Best Sellers

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Showcase of Covers

SHAADS™ idea came from the desire to make a product that would be effortless to be installed by anyone. This elegant unique new way of covering offers a clean and stylish look, no moving parts, no costly curtain accessories needed to cover the glass on your doors, windows and skylights. Learn More