SHAADS™ for Skylights

SHAADS™ is a new approach to fashionable coverings for skylights, doors, and windows, which take a place of shades, blinds, curtains and more.

  • Easy to put up yourself in minutes
  • No professional installer needed
  • Stylish fabric, designs and colors
  • Enjoy natural light without harmful UV rays
  • Custom-sized for any skylight, whether old or new
  • Unique, modern and practical

Shaads for custom size doors



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Skylight SHAADSTM range in price for standard instock materials from 139.99 to 239.99 per cover - some larger skylights may need more that 1 SHAADSTM cover. Skylight covers can also be made in custom materials.

Measure Each Skylight Separately - Measurements Can Vary

1) On the inside of the skylight cavity, on the drywall, in the corners, place a mark about 1" up as shown in (fig.1) from where the corner of the finished ceiling meets the skylight frame, as shown where the dots are in (fig.1). Also on the longer side of the skylight frame in the middle place a mark about 1" up from the finished ceiling edge.

2) You will need to do this in several spots.

3) As shown in (fig.2), now measure from drywall to drywall about an inch up from finished ceiling, around those marks that you made in the skylight cavity about an 1" on the drywall from A1 to A1, A2 to A2, A3 to A3, B1 to B1 and B2 to B2.