Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are SHAADS?

Innovative window decor and a new simple way of giving people the ability to add Privacy,
Modernization, Personalization, Elegance, Protection, Comfort and more. Wherever they want it. With effortless installation.

2. Why would I want to use SHAADS?

Simple… Nothing like it, Elegant, Easy to install, Cleaning made easy, Affordable, Convenient, Tasteful, Decorative, UV proctection, Simple to install, Insulator… just simply innovative.

3. Where can I use SHAADS?

Doors, Windows, Skylights with effortless installation.

4. Can I customize SHAADS?

YES our product can be made customizable in all sizes – full window, ½ window or less or more. Variety of installation techniques all accomplished “in minutes”.  Customizable or standard  -milled wood designs, adding mullions,  and more.  Variety of  wood selections, different frame composites, stains, paint colors, and more. Customizing old painted windows/doors; all accomplished in short time. Customizable with mullions, fabrics and of different colors. Custom fabrics with designer patterns or solid patterns. Selections of different light filtering materials – Sheer To Blackout.

5. Can I personalize SHAADS?

YES. Fabric Photo or Digital Printing. vScreen, Ink or Laser Printing. Holiday, Initials, Picture Announcements, Etc. Embroidery. And more…