About SHAADS™ Covers

SHAADS™ by Koti is a family-owned business founded by creator Chris Koenitz. The idea for SHAADS™ came from the desire to make a product that would be easy to install by anyone; that would provide privacy, protection from the sun’s UV rays and heat; and would be a simple and elegant design that could be used in any home, apartment or business.
We invented this new product because of our show dogs. In protecting them from the harmful heat and UV rays of the sun, SHAADS was born. In addition, having bad knees, problems we face in installing other skylight shades was the lack of desire to go up and down a ladder many times and so our product was made for the ease of installing and removal for cleaning purposes. Finally, for privacy purposes, we also wanted to see out, but wanted no one to see in.

SHAADS™ is proudly Made in the USA.

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Shaads by Koti new approach to window fashion